The Old Bazaar
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Jasmine Salon and Bazaar
Late 19th or early 20th century India Bronze Inkwell measures 6.25" by 4.25", and weighs 41 ounces before packing. The cast body of the inkwell depicts peacock detailing in it's design. A massive and impressive piece.
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Jasmine Salon and Bazaar
Lovingly hand crafted, this 19th century enameled pot was made in Syria using a Cuerda Seca style of enameling. Cuerda Seca enameling is done in the following manner: The design is stamped or carved into the surface after which colored glazes are applied. The contours of the designs are detailed with a mixture of beeswax or vegetable fat and manganese oxide. During the firing, the wax or fat burns away producing contours of red or black that also prevent the differently-colored glazes from running into one another. This technique was created during the Seljuk (14th-15th C.) period in Persia, (modern Iran and Iraq) and eventually made it's way via Syria, Turkey, Greece, and Italy to Spain where it is used extensively in tile and pottery making even today. There are some minor enamel losses, but considering the size of the inlays, the age of the pot, it is in surprisingly good condition. There is a little of the original silver wash remaining. Measuring 2.5" (6.5 cm) tall, by 3.25" (8 cm)across, and weighing nearly half a pound (.23kg), this piece is quite solid. This piece is estimated to be 150 years old.
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Jasmine Salon and Bazaar
Complete Middle Eastern brass silver and copper inlaid coffee set. The brass tray measures 13 " across, and is inlaid in silver and copper. There are three cartouches of Islamic script, alternating with lobed endless knot medallions. The rim has a braided endless knot pattern often seen in Celtic designs as well. The set includes six 2" "Gawa" or coffee cups (Zarfs) with green hand spun Egyptian Glass inserts, and the classically shaped 6" "Ibrik" or coffee server is tin-lined for safe usage. The covered sugar bowl measures 3" tall without the finial. The final photo shows the zarfs with a white porcelain insert instead of the spun glass. If you would prefer the porcelain inserts, please let me know when purchasing the set, and I'll make the substitution for you. This was made for the tourist trade around the turn of the 20th century.
All Items : Antiques : Decorative Art : Metals : Brass : Pre 1900 item #1099551
Jasmine Salon and Bazaar
Pair of mid 19th C. Syrian etched brass candle sticks. It measures 23" tall by 6.5" across the base, and together weigh about 9 pounds. One candle holder is 1/2 inch taller than the other, and the design of each candle stick is unique. The base of one has a braided trefoil chain encircling it, and the other has alternating semi medallions of trefoil and Islamic script. There are alternating sections, with endless chains, and Islamic calligraphy. The bases are slightly off round, and the candle holders unscrew in pieces for easy storage or transport.