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All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Indian Subcontinent : Kashmir : Pre 1900 item #1105404
Jasmine Salon and Bazaar
This Kashmiri candle holder is meticulously hand carved. Heavily patinated, this particular candleholder has some amazingly fine foliate detail featuring flowers and leaves, With a twelve lobed foliate base, a vining stem, a heavily detailed spouted bowl with a serpent handle. A white medium has been worked into the recesses for contrast. It is in excellent condition, Measuring 9" tall, and 4.5" across. Weighing slightly under a pound this is far more solid and substantial than usual for Kashmir copper work from this period. This is estimated to be made in Kashmir 100 to 150 years ago.
All Items : Fine Art : Prints : Pre 1970 item #548411
Jasmine Salon and Bazaar
This is one of a series of 10 Art Prints inspired by the Rubiayat of Omar Khayyam produced in the 1960's. Featured languages for prose are French, Arabic and Persian, Italian, German, and English. The border is done in Moghul miniature painting style. Measures 18" by 12" unframed.
All Items : Vintage Arts : Decorative Art : Enamel : Champleve : Pre 1920 item #1099043
Jasmine Salon and Bazaar
Enamel flask shaped cigar lamp encircled by four foliate floral themed tri-lobed medallions. I believe it is Russian. The geometry of the design has some Deco elements. The enamel is in excellent condition with a small amount of wear on the lid. The reservoir and wick holder are missing. It has a plate of lead soldered to the bottom to add weight and stability. It measures 7" tall by 3.5" across and weighs 13 ounces.
All Items : Vintage Arts : Decorative Art : Enamel : Pre 1980 item #497554
Jasmine Salon and Bazaar
Lobed copper sweet tray delicately painted in enamel work referred to as Mina Kari. It has a symmetrical floral pattern with three birds in the center. It stands 1" tall and measures 7" across, and weighs about 4oz. There is some minor chipping on the rim, but the plate is otherwise in good condition.
Jasmine Salon and Bazaar
Early 20th century Ottoman powder flask. Elaborately etched. Constructed in lobed segments, three sections on the front, two on the back. Cast brass loops for the cord to attach to. Small denting on the bottom in back, and also on the spout. Wonderful, mellow, patina. Measures 8.5" long by 3.75" across aand 1.5" deep and weighs approximately 12 ounces.
All Items : Vintage Arts : Regional Art : Asian : Central Asian : Pre 1960 item #549758
Jasmine Salon and Bazaar
Antique Qajar Dynasty early 20th century Islamic, Persian ceramic vase painted in blue, yellow and white and brown flowers on alternating blue and sage green panels. Striping detail near top and base. Condition: Good with slight crazing. Slight roughness and glaze irregularities at the bottom. Height is approximately 14 inches Diameter at base: 4 inches. Weight is 1.75 pounds.
All Items : Vintage Arts : Regional Art : Middle Eastern : Metalwork : Pre 1970 item #995871
Jasmine Salon and Bazaar
Unique Moroccan tea warming table or stand from the 1960's. Formed in the classic hexagon shape with keyhole cutouts, and profuse etching. This has been paired with a newer oil lamp to complete it. This can also be used for warming scented oil. This measures 8" tall by 5" across and weighs about a pound.
All Items : Vintage Arts : Regional Art : Asian : Central Asian : Metalwork : Pre 1960 item #1061751
Jasmine Salon and Bazaar
This unique flask has elaborate metal chasing depicting scenes from the Rubiayat of Omar Khayyam. Silver plate over copper. This was likely made in the 1950's in the style of Qajar metalwork as a presentation gift for oil or state department executives. Three unique scenes adorn the three sides of this uniquely shaped bottle. The metal tooling of every part is of the highest quality. The cork is in pristine condition, and the top is attached to the bottle with chains. The silverplate is partially rubbed off on part of the bottom, and the stopper. This unique piece weighs a little over 2 pounds, and measures 9.5" tall by 5" across.
All Items : Vintage Arts : Regional Art : African : Weapons : Pre 1960 item #1134699
Jasmine Salon and Bazaar
Moroccan brass Koran box ca. 1960's, it has applied silver metal and bezel set stones which appear to be coral, lapis, and camel bone. There is a stylized circle design on the back. The same series of numbers is repeated on the curved lid. The brass and applied metal features profuse foliate etching. It has a braided strap, which may or may not be original. This unique box measure 4" across, 6" with the belt mount, by 6" tall, and is 1 a little over" thick and weighs 1.25 pounds.
All Items : Vintage Arts : Instruments and Implements : Tools : Pre 1980 item #1023771
Jasmine Salon and Bazaar
A classic Turkish brass shoeshine box trimmed with walnut and inlaid with mother of pearl accents. It has a complete collection of brass topped blown glass bottles for cleaning products and polishes as well as rose water and and other perfuming agents. It comes complete with compartments and drawers for polishing supplies and money that has been collected. It measures 22" wide by 16" to the tallest bottle by 6" deep, and weighs about 11 pounds before packing.
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Middle Eastern : Metalwork : Pre 1900 item #1093738
Jasmine Salon and Bazaar
Lovingly hand crafted, this 19th century enameled pot was made in Syria using a Cuerda Seca style of enameling. There is some very minor enamel chipping, but considering the size of the inlays, the age of the pot, and the fact that this was made to be used as a planter, it has survived remarkably well. Measuring 10" tall by 14"across, and weighing five pounds, this piece is quite solid and is an unusually large size. This piece is estimated to be 100-150 years old.

Cuerda Seca enameling is done in the following manner: The design is stamped or carved into the surface after which colored glazes are applied. The contours of the designs are detailed with a mixture of beeswax or vegetable fat and manganese oxide. During the firing, the wax or fat burns away producing contours of red or black that also prevent the differently-colored glazes from running into one another. This technique was created during the Seljuk (14th-15th C.) period in Persia, (modern Iran and Iraq) and eventually made it's way via Syria, Turkey, Greece, and Italy to Spain where it is used extensively in tile and pottery making even today.

All Items : Antiques : Furnishings : Lighting : Lamps : Pre 1910 item #1031343
Jasmine Salon and Bazaar
Elaborately carved Syrian lamp made approximately 1910. Three lamp sockets all with individual switches. Measuring 33" tall by 22" across and weighs about 14 pounds. These were popular throughout the Middle East and exported for use in Masonic Temples. Similar lamps are also made in Turkey and Egypt. A lamp like this takes several months for as entire families would work on making these lamps with each member having a specialty or two.
All Items : Antiques : Furnishings : Pre 1920 item #496517
Jasmine Salon and Bazaar
1920's Syrian Table Lamp made from a large candle holder. A piece this size would take a family several months to make. Intricate etched and carved detail throughout. One family member would etch the design onto the formed metal cylinder. It would then be handed off to the next family member to punch out the design with small chisels. Then another family member would polish down the rough edges and finally, it would be assembled by the finisher. It measures 28" to the top of the light socket by 7" across at the base, and weighs 4.5 pounds before packing. A harp in your preferred size will be provided at the time of sale.
All Items : Vintage Arts : Regional Art : Middle Eastern : Metalwork : Pre 1970 item #680381
Jasmine Salon and Bazaar
This brass Moroccan star tray has a traditional Berber design, and appears to have several dimensions of stars and foliate textures carved into it. With a classic Islamic thirteen pointed star, which points end at indentations for tea or coffee cups or glasses. Meticulously hand carved, the fabrication of this type of metalwork is a dying art. Measuring 28"across by 22" tall, and weighing nine pounds, this piece is surprisingly heavy. It comes paired with it's original base of ebonised wood embellished with brass accents. Great for an exotic or Hollywood Regency style decor. This piece is estimated to be 30-40 years old.
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Middle Eastern : Metalwork : Pre 1900 item #1130986
Jasmine Salon and Bazaar
Carved brass ablutions bowl with elaborate carved grill strainer with finial. The rim has geometric form flowers alternating with lozenge shapes, and tiny diamond repeats along the outer rim and inner rim. It measures 4.5" tall, by 8.5" across, the opening is 4" across, and weighs a lttle under two pounds. This would normally be paired with a hand washing pitcher.
All Items : Vintage Arts : Regional Art : Middle Eastern : Metalwork : Pre 1970 item #1135172
Jasmine Salon and Bazaar
Elaborately decorated brass tea tin or canister. Carving appears to be of Egyptian origin, it has seven panels of Arabic Calligraphy. The top rim is encircled by seven carved animals. The lid has concentric circles of designs of diagonal bars, braids and diamonds with a crescent moon finial. The hinge is fairly primitive, but is in good working order. Measuring 7" to the top of the finial, and 4.25" in diameter, and weighing just under a pound, this is ready for your tea or incense collection.
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Central Asian : Metalwork : Pre 1900 item #1286622
Jasmine Salon and Bazaar
This unusual Indo Persian Samovar is plated in tin and intricately carved in a scrolled floral design with a niello finish. It has rings to tie straps to the back of a camel or horse. It measures 17" to the top of the coal chamber and 8" in diameter across the belly and at the fretwork base and weighs 7 pounds before packing. Unfortunately, this samowar has a dent on one side, but still displays well.
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Middle Eastern : Metalwork : Pre 1900 item #1102319
Jasmine Salon and Bazaar
Syrian pierced Islamic brass Mosque lamp made in the late 19th century. The bulbous top is ringed by five cartouches featuring pastoral animals with bands of similar animals ringing below and above. The cross hatched carved banding at the very top is a classic Mamluk design along with the cartouches. There are two tiers of "windows" with various colored glass framed by elaborately carved Moghul influenced borders, floral on the top tier, and birds on the bottom tier. The "tower" between the two floors features animals and mythical people, but was made upside down for some unknown reason. The bowl shaped bottom has 16 cartouches with mythical people ensconced within. The original font at the bottom, which would have held a candle is missing as is common with these pieces. The frets between the windows are sand casted, then hand finished with screws being made in house. Most finials have chickens, moons, or fancy knobs. Three of the chickens which originally had chains. this situation can be easily restored. While this is not wired for electricity, restoring the chains, and removing the top loop to make the hole accessible would be an easy conversion which would not compromise the integrity of the piece. This impressive piece measures 24" tall to the top of the newer 1.5" loop, by 10" across the widest point, and weighs 9 lbs