The Old Bazaar
All Items : Vintage Arts : Decorative Art : Enamel : Pre 1980 item #497554
Jasmine Salon and Bazaar
Lobed copper sweet tray delicately painted in enamel work referred to as Mina Kari. It has a symmetrical floral pattern with three birds in the center. It stands 1" tall and measures 7" across, and weighs about 4oz. There is some minor chipping on the rim, but the plate is otherwise in good condition.
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Central Asian : Metalwork : Pre 1900 item #496796
Jasmine Salon and Bazaar
This unusual Indo Persian Samovar is plated in tin and intricately carved in a geometric floral design and a silver wash which is mostly worn revealing the copper below. It measures 16" to the top of the coal chamber and 7" in diameter across the belly, with a spread of 9" from the dragon handle to the spout etched with a fish. By the mineral deposits within, it appears to have been well used. The lid is missing. The overall condition is good with a dent at the fretwork base. It weighs 7 pounds before packing.
All Items : Antiques : Furnishings : Pre 1920 item #496517
Jasmine Salon and Bazaar
1920's Syrian Table Lamp made from a large candle holder. A piece this size would take a family several months to make. Intricate etched and carved detail throughout. One family member would etch the design onto the formed metal cylinder. It would then be handed off to the next family member to punch out the design with small chisels. Then another family member would polish down the rough edges and finally, it would be assembled by the finisher. It measures 28" to the top of the light socket by 7" across at the base, and weighs 4.5 pounds before packing. A harp in your preferred size will be provided at the time of sale.
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Central Asian : Metalwork : Pre 1920 item #474077
Jasmine Salon and Bazaar
A simple and charming silvered copper Huqqa base made Ca. 1900- 1920 in Iran (Persia) Measures 12" by 5" and weighs 3 pounds. Featuring primitive alternating cartouches and medallions, with simple flowers encircling above, and half medallions bordering the bottom rim.
All Items : Vintage Arts : Regional Art : Middle Eastern : Metalwork : Pre 1970 item #398445
Jasmine Salon and Bazaar
This This Moroccan Jambiya (Koumiya) features a graceful curving line, with intricate embossing, Measuring 15" long and weighing a little under a pound, the handle and sheath are encased with with embossed silver metal. The blade appears to be carbon steel, and isn't particularly sharp. There are a pair of rings for attaching it to a belt. I suspect this may be a Moroccan ceremonial or display piece from the 1960's.